Underwater Inspection & Propeller Polishing

We provide you with detailed and accurate results of the underwater inspection with our equipment such as CCTV, digital camera, video camera, and action cam.
For the vessels, we can do classification inspections and sales inspections.
The inspection may be total or partial, and this inspection is also available for various underwater structures.
The inspection procedure and location are negotiable through a meeting before the inspection.

We inspect the propeller and check its damaged areas, provide cleaning and polishing services according to the contaminant levels, and improve vessel
propulsion through cleaning and polishing. Your ship can sail effectively with improved propulsion and thrust after cleaning and polishing the blades of the
propellers. Furthermore, we aid your effective sailing through repair and/or replacement of your propellors.
(According to research conducted at Tyne University in New Castle, UK, contaminants on the propeller can reduce vessel propulsion by up to 20%.)